What does Kinetico whole house water filtration systems consist of?

Kinetico whole house water filtration systems consist of two parts: point-of-entry and point-of-use. Point-of-entry consists of a range of MACH water filters to ensure clean water for your showers, baths and general usage. Point-of-use filters are the Kinetico Drinking Water range of K2 and K5.

Why do I need both a Kinetico point-of-entry water filters and a point-of-use water filters?

When used in conjunction with each other, Kinetico whole house water filtration systems will provide you with the cleanest, best tasting water for your needs. Clean water throughout your home will protect your family from diseases; the K5 Purefecta Guard can remove up to 99.99% of viruses and 99.99999% of bacteria from your drinking water. Clean water will also prevent skin related ailments due to washing with water that may have damaging particulate matter.

How does the Kinetico MACH point-of-entry water filtration system provide better quality filtration?

Kinetico filters all utilize a special filtration media called Macrolite, originally developed by a leading technological company from the USA, 3M. This allows filtration levels down to 3 microns which is undisputedly the best in point-of-entry water filter market. Additionally the MACH system is fully automatic, preset by our Solartech specialists to backwash the media at the optimal time based on your usage and residence/building's water quality. This allows the Kinetico water filter to maintain its supply of only the highest quality clean water to you.

I have X number of people living/ use Y amount of water. Which Kinetico system do I need?

Our specialists here at Solartech will recommend to you a suitable system based on your requirements. We can specify for any requirement be it for residential or commercial usage. Just Talk to Us.

How can Kinetico water filters claim to be Fully Automatic, yet use no electricity to run?do I need?

Kinetico MACH water filter systems use a patented, complex metered control valve which is preset by gears. It measures water usage volume as accurately, if not more, than an electrical meter thus providing you with the cleanest water, Electricity-Free. The Kinetico patented turbine is also Non-Electric and utilizes the kinetic energy of moving water to run the system.

What type of media does a Kinetico point-of-entry water filtration system use?

As mentioned above, Kinetico uses a specially manufactured finely granulated media for water filtration called Macrolite media. Originally created by 3M, now solely Kinetico's, it is more durable and effective than ANY other filtration media in the in the industry.

What does the MACH water filter remove?

Kinetico MACH filters out oxidized iron and suspended matter.

Kinetico MACH point-of-entry systems filters down to 3 microns. Brands X, Y and Z claim better micron ratings. Why should I buy a Kinetico?

Kinetico MACH products are tested and verified by a number of quality assurance boards as being the best and the most reliable, including by the WQA (Water Quality Assurance in USA) and NSF (National Science Foundation in USA). Each Kinetico item undergoes rigid Quality Control at their factory as well as additional checks here at Solartech before the water-care system goes out to any users. We believe in only providing the best water-care to our users, we care about your water quality more than a sale. For all other claims, make sure that they can back up their claims with solid data.

Solartech only recommends that you check what type of media the alternative water filter uses, it is guaranteed that unless it is a specially manufactured media you will be unable to achieve these point-of-entry filter micron ratings.

When do I need to change the Kinetico Macrolite Media?

Under ideal conditions the media will last for 10 years. Ideal conditions meaning regular backwashing to prevent clogged up systems and cleaner waters. We recommend a maintenance service every 10 years where the Macrolite filtration media will be changed. Solartech specialists will advise backwashing settings based on the quality of your water for your needs. Just Talk to Us and a Solartech specialist will get back to you shortly.

What is the pressure produced by a Kinetico MACH water filter?

1-2 psi from the outlet.

Is there warranty support for the Kinetico MACH filters?

Solartech provides up to 10 years warranty on the tank, valve and media on all our Kinetico MACH systems. We have been in business for 30 years now so you can be certain that our Water-Care specialists will be on hand should there be any problems. Unlikely as that will be.

What is the difference between Reverse Osmosis and UltraViolet light filters?

A Reverse Osmosis filter is a filtering process where water is pushed through a semi-permeable membrane to obtain clean water which is safe for drinking. UV filters are used to disinfect filtered water by destroying bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms that may be found in your drinking water.

Do I need a UV light filter?

Generally speaking no. Your water should not contain dangerous contaminants if you are on a municipal water supply. However, should you require the cleanest water for added peace of mind or for special needs Solartech recommends the Purefecta Guard which is compatible with the K5 model. The Purefecta Guard will eliminate 99.99% of viruses and 99.99999% of bacteria from your drinking water. This keeps in line with Kinetico water filters which are electricity-free systems. Our K5 models with Purefecta Guards are used even for dialysis water treatment systems in hospitals which require the highest level of cleanliness so you know you are getting the best and cleanest water.

I just want to get a point-of-use water filter for drinking water. Which model should I purchase?

We offer 3 models of reverse osmosis drinking water filters, the most basic being the Kinetico MACguard followed by the K2 and the K5. Solartech specialists would recommend definitely at least getting the 3 stage K2 model, especially if you do not have a point-of-entry filter.

However, we would highly recommend only using drinking water filters in conjunction with point-of-entry filters as this would provide clean water throughout your home as well as prolonging the life of your water appliances.

How will I know when I need to change the filter cartridges?

Every model has an in-built system which slows down water flow to indicate it is time for a change. Thus when you find your drinking water trickling out as opposed to the usual pressured flow rate you get, you know that it is time to change the cartridge. The MACguard and the K5 models both also have indicators which you can check from time to time to see how long more before a change is required.

Is it difficult to change the cartridge? Will I need to call for technical assistance?

The beauty of Kinetico drinking water filters is that it is so simple! Just twist and pull the cartridge out, no tools are required to make the change. A Solartech specialist will demonstrate this during installation. Of course if there is any problems just Talk To Us.

Why has my RO water pressure dropped?

As mentioned previously, your Kinetico RO system's water pressure has dropped for one reason: it is time to change your filter cartridge.

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